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How to? Upgrade Question: What supporting documentation is required at time of purchase?

I have a very old full package of Take Command (TC, 4DOS, 4OS2, 4NT). Customer # 33508. It was called the "JP CDROM Suite w/Full Manuals" (hardcopy printed documentation). I would like to reinstate my license for a full and complete new package. This is for a personal (non-commercial) license. Can I install the full TC product on more than one home machine. I am the only user. What would the cost be to me? What do I have to provide at the time of purchase to substantiate my old license? Photo of old invoice (I have)?

Thank you.

William J. Smith, MA
Sr. z/OS Systems Programmer
Thank you! Downloaded and registered without issues. Back in the saddle. Initial license: JPCD V4 CD500467 8737-NMU3-Y. Cust # 033508.

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