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License Question for Single User


I am in a situation where a single user could benefit from using TakeCommand on a number of PC's but never more than one PC at a time.

The situation is that I want to use it for my Home or Work PC and also on a number of Virtual Machines (where I will be the only user that logs into these machines).

TakeCommand would be running scripts on either my Home/Work PC or on the Virtual Machines but never simultaneously as I don't use it for background automation jobs.

From the License Agreement I can see that you are allowed to install it on 3 PC's but I have a fair number of Virtual Machines (and often take down old ones and add new ones).

A quick count could easily end up in 12-15 PC's as I have duplicated the VM's to be able to run them from my my Office Mac as well as from my Home PC.

Now my question is, since it would be a single user only, would that require multiple licenses (since that would exceed the 3 installs) or is there a type of "one user, unlimited installs" License available?

I wouldn't expect the number of simultaneous installs to exceed 10 at any given time but it would exceed the 3 installs and I don't want to start removing and reinstalling licenses from PC to PC as this is not only tiresome work but also could possibly be against the License Agreement by installing on more than 3 PCs.

Hope it makes sense and look forward in your response :-)
There isn't currently any way to allow a single-system license to be activated on more than three systems at a time.

There are a couple of possible workarounds:

1) You could install on a thumb drive and move that among machines.
2) You could use the new "unregister" option in V20 to remove the current system's activation.
Some of the VMs share the same name since they are cloned so I can boot them from the office or from home. Sharing the same name would allow the License Key to be valid, though I think it would borderline the allowed use of activations :-)

Some VMs have a life span of less than a month and thus could do with the trial but others will have a far longer lifespan.

I purchased the V20 upgrade and will have to play around with the unregister option, it may just solve my issues since I cannot install on all the active VMs simultaneously.

Thanks for your input, it has been very valuable :-)

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