Message Board question

Apr 2, 2011
North Carolina, USA
Is there a way to see the thread that I have either started or replied to? Some I have posted multiple times to - but in those cases I only want one occurance of the thread shown. What I basically want to do is to "Add to favorites" all the threads I have posted to - one way or the other.....

There may be a quicker way Charles, but go to the Members list (via the entry in the top menu bar) and then find yourself in the list (hint: start at page 7 or 8, or use the find member box and enter your full forum name). On the resultant profile page there is a Postings tab which displays the most recent dozen or so posts that you've made. At the bottom of that list are two links, one to all posts made by that user and another to all posts started by that user.

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