Another @EVERYTHING question

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Why do these @EVERYTHING searches work differently?
v:\> d w*
2016-08-21  00:17  <DIR>  words
2015-02-08  16:06  393  w32h.btm
2014-09-30  23:37  2,320  w32tmparams.btm
2014-10-01  00:17  1,924  w32tmparams17.btm
2015-08-06  11:50  1,791  w32tmparamsx.btm
2016-06-18  12:26  53  who.txt

v:\> echo %@everything[v:\w*,f,3]
V:\w32h.btm V:\w32tmparams.btm

v:\> echo %@everything["v:\w*",f,3]
V:\w32h.btm V:\w32tmparams.btm V:\w32tmparams17.btm V:\w32tmparamsx.btm V:\who.txt
Similar ones using the EVERYTHING command work the same.
v:\> everything /f /m=3 v:\w*

v:\> everything /f /m=3 "v:\w*"
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
@EVERYTHING doesn't support quoted filenames.
Well, it does accept quoted search specs, and does the right thing with them EXCEPT that when a quoted string is given, a third parameter (max to return) is ignored. Compare these two; the second is correct except for the number returned.
v:\> everything "<file: regex:v:\\a.* size:>1kb> | <folder: v:\e*>" /m=4

v:\> echo %@everything["<file: regex:v:\\a.* size:>1kb> | <folder: v:\e*>",,4]
V:\empty V:\empty\foo V:\empty\x64 V:\anagram.exe V:\avtemp.btm V:\avtemp.btm.bak
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Here's another interesting comparison. When the search string is quoted, the max parameter is ignored.
v:\> echo %@everything[v:\a*,f,4]
"V:\a 1.txt" V:\agediff.btm V:\allchars.btm V:\anagram.exe

v:\> echo %@everything["v:\a*",f,4]
"V:\a 1.txt" V:\agediff.btm V:\allchars.btm V:\anagram.exe V:\avtemp.btm V:\avtemp.btm.bak
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