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How to? SHORTCUT question.....

I have attached the BTM in question.

1 - The "echo Max Error: %@MAX[%?,%_?]" echos 0 so no error; However the LNK file is not being created. With error code of 0 - not able to tell why it was not created.

2 - I am not sure about the processing of scArgs. The output for example is:
======= Begin Paste
Library: Pictures
        C:\Z_UserFiles\My Images
    scCommand: C:\Program Files (x86)\DoubleKiller Pro\DoubleKiller.exe
       scArgs: -nosavereg -clearfolders -addfolder 'C:\Users\Galloway\Pictures' -addfolder 'C:\Users\Public\Pictures' -addfolder 'C:\Z_PICS' -addfolder 'C:\Z_UserFiles\My Images' -run -showlog
  scDirectory: C:\Program Files (x86)\DoubleKiller Pro\
scDescription: Run DKP against files in the Pictures per-USER library
   scLinkName: C:\Users\Galloway\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Double.Killer.Pro\Pictures.lnk
       scMode: 3
Max Error: 0
Press any key when ready...
======= End Paste

Since I need to quote the folders (e.g. C:\Users\Galloway\Pictures ) and also quote the scArgs in the call to SHORTCUT - not sure if it works with ['] and ["] respectively.....
Thank you Rex. Now it is to this message....


  • showlibs.btm
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One thing I did notice is that there is no error is if the length of scArgs is too long to fit in the .LNK file - there is no error displayed.
Not sure what that file is you sent, but it's not a batch file. It looks like the output of a batch file (with ECHO ON), with the commands mixed with the results.

And the SHORTCUT command you're using isn't from TCC. The internal SHORTCUT command in TCC doesn't have "-nosavereg", "-clearfolders", "-addfolders", etc. Are you trying to execute a plugin or external SHORTCUT?
It's a BTM file - and to help debug the file I had echo commands to echo the contents of the sc* variables.

The tcmd.chm file has:
Purpose: Create or display a shortcut

Format: Creation mode

SHORTCUT command args dir desc link mode [iconfile [iconoffset [hotkey]]]

Display mode


command Command the shortcut executes

args Command line parameters for command

dir Starting directory

desc Description

link Filename of the .LNK file.

mode Initial window mode: 1=normal, 2=minimized, 3=maximized

iconfile File containing the icon to use

iconoffset Icon offset within iconfile

hotkey Hotkey to invoke the shortcut

I use SHORTCUT to make an external Pictures.lnk based on the existence and contents of the Pictures user-defined library.

The ["-nosavereg", "-clearfolders", "-addfolders",] are all command line options for DoubleKiller.exe which the Pictures.lnk would execute ..... assuming a pictures library existed....
I have the BTM fixed but I don't understand why I am getting error as described in the showlib.err.txt file with the Pando user library, also attached. The full list is at the top of the same file, as well as the output from showlibs.btm

The attached DKP.zip contains:
 5/03/2017  23:03         <DIR>    .
 5/03/2017  23:03         <DIR>    ..
 4/22/2017  22:40           7,244  Chong_Mel_Komal.library-ms
10/12/2016  12:00           4,649  Documents.library-ms
10/12/2016  12:00           4,739  Music.library-ms
10/12/2016  12:00           1,560  Pando.library-ms
10/12/2016  12:00           5,433  Pictures.library-ms
 5/03/2017  22:53           2,127  showlibs.btm
 5/03/2017  23:11           5,185  showlibs.err.txt
 3/28/2017   9:25         132,608  sysutils64.dll
10/12/2016  12:00           4,637  Videos.library-ms


  • DKP.zip
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