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Newbie here, I have a question.

Hi, I'm new to the forum but not to JPSoft products. I date back to NDOS/4DOS and the old CompuServe Support Forum. I stayed a t Take Command version 8.02.92 for a long time and I have many, many .btm files that take advantage of the features of that version. I finally purchased an upgrade to V16 6 or 7 months ago, but I did not get around to installing it until a few days ago (actually to V17).
Here's my newbie question: v8 to v17 is a big jump. What reading do I need to do understand what, if anything, might break my existing batch files? I'm willing to do the reading, but if anyone can direct me to FAQ listings or search terms for past thread topics where this has been discussed, I'd appreciate it.
I think the most significant change recently is that the %= and %+ have been removed. If you change the command separator or escape characters, you must use the new characters, rather than referring to them symbolically. (If you pick obscure replacement characters, I think this means that your batch file must be saved as UTF-16.)
Thanks. For reasons I don't even remember anymore (probably because that's the way it was way back when), I've always swapped ^ and &. So my command separator is ^ and escape is &.
I remember when the default escape character was Ctrl-X.
You can use SETDOS to set the command separator and escape char to your own defaults.... and best place would be in your TCStart.btm file...

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