Take Command 16.00.45 update crashed

Mar 10, 2012
I can't update registered Take Command 16.00.43 x64
Updating to 16.00.45 gives error messages:

The application ran into a problem that it couldn't handle
Sorry for the inconvenience

[SEH_AV_DEP_BADPTR] ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at address [0xfe4485f7]

*** Stack Trace (x86) ***

[0xfe4485f7] -----
[0x738f803c] MsiSetOfflineContextW()
[0x737ba584] MsiInvalidateFeatureCache()
[0x73815d12] MsiGetPropertyW()
[0x00b45901] -----
[0x00b59d54] -----
[0x00b530ca] -----
[0x737b93cb] MsiInvalidateFeatureCache()
[0x00ab94bc] -----
[0x00ab93c9] -----

The installerdatabase contains the logic and data required to install
Take Command x64 16.0 has stopped working.
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