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? command, TCC/LE vs. supported

Charles Dye

Super Moderator
Staff member
In the full, paid TCC.EXE, the ? command lists all internal and plugin commands, as documented.

In TCC/LE, the ? command lists all internal commands, and all plugin commands, functions, and internal variables. I think this constitutes a minor, cosmetic bug. At the least, something to look into if you ever find any real bugs in LE that need fixing.
WAD (it's always worked this way). TCC has additional options (in PLUGIN) to list the vars and functions individually; TCC/LE does not. So TCC/LE has always just dumped everything.

I could remove it from "?", but then I'd have to also remove it from PLUGIN (which "?" calls), so TCC/LE would have no way of displaying any of that.
Well that explains it then! I was puzzled by the difference between the two, since you doubtless use the same source for both....

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