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May 14, 2008
I have uploaded Take Command 17.00.76 to the web site.

17.00.76 TCMD tab window display is faster (~5%)
17.00.76 @COUNT - added support for counting commas as well (%@count[,,string])
17.00.76 @INODE - added support for subdirectories

17.00.76 TCC - fixed a sporadic problem when entering very long (>4K) command lines.
17.00.76 @SUMMARY - fixed a problem when writing fields.
17.00.76 @SYSTEMTIME - fixed a problem with adding time-zone corrections.
17.00.76 @FILEWRITEB - fixed a problem when writing extended ASCII characters.

17.00.75 DO - fixed a problem with terminating DO IN loops.

17.00.74 TCC - fixed a problem when reading extended ASCII (OEM) characters in a (non-Unicode) .BTM batch file.
17.00.74 COLOR - reverted COLOR 00 to set ERRORLEVEL.
17.00.74 DESCRIBE - fixed a problem when redirecting input and there is an existing description.
17.00.74 7ZIP - fixed a problem with range dialogs in the 7zip command dialog.
17.00.74 @TIMER - fixed a problem with split times when using '.' as a thousands separator.
17.00.74 TPIPE - fixed a problem with the /perl option.
17.00.74 SDK updates
17.00.74 Help file updates

17.00.71 TCC - fixed a problem when sorting include lists.
17.00.71 BREAKPOINT - fixed a problem where the breakpoint was set disabled.
17.00.71 LEAVE - fixed a problem when LEAVE'ing nested DO's (i.e., "LEAVE 2").
17.00.71 START /TAB and /TABNA - added workaround for Windows bug when starting multiple batch files simultaneously.

17.00.70 FOR - fixed a sporadic problem when passing variables to /R.

17.00.69 New installer version
17.00.69 @FILEOPEN - fixed a problem with the return value on an error.
17.00.69 @FORMATNC - fixed a problem with comma formatting.

17.00.68 HEAD - fixed a problem when piping input.
17.00.68 @REGQUERY - fixed a problem with remote registry queries.

17.00.67 Fix for compiler crash during build 66.

17.00.66 TCC - added support for UTF-8 files in most places (batch files, variable functions, /R, etc.)
17.00.66 TCC - added UTF8 directive for TCMD.INI (see OPTION / Startup)
17.00.66 Help file updates
17.00.66 %DATE% - fixed an x86 compiler bug.
17.00.66 @FORMATNC - fixed a problem with the thousands separators sometimes not being inserted.
17.00.66 SENDHTML - fixed a problem with the /SSL option.
17.00.66 TCTOOLBAR - fixed a problem when passing invalid arguments.
17.00.66 TCC - fixed a problem with %0 in .CMD files not being set to the command line argument.

17.00.65 @UNIQUE - fixed a problem when not passing a path argument.

17.00.64 COPY - fixed a problem with /S and FTP targets.
17.00.64 DIR - fixed a problem with /NM:x.

17.00.63 LIST - fixed a problem with the /T option.
17.00.63 CD / CDD - fixed a problem with the ~ (home directory) shortcut.

17.00.62 TCC - added check for missing arguments in expressions (IFF, DO, etc.).

17.00.61 @FINDNEXT - fixed a problem with @FINDNEXT not returning filenames.

17.00.60 Help file updates.
17.00.60 @NAME - Fixed a problem with quoted names.

17.00.59 Fix for RTL bug when reading / writing some extended ASCII characters in some code pages.

17.00.58 Help file updates.
17.00.58 DO - Fixed a problem with /S.
17.00.58 %_TCLISTVIEW - Fixed an erratic problem with the returned selections.

17.00.57 TCC - Changed batch argument %0 to match exactly what was passed on the command line (CMD compatibility).
17.00.57 @REGEXSUB - Fixed an erratic substitution bug.
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