Take Command / TCMD/LE / TCC/LE 11.0 build 35 uploaded

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Staff member
May 14, 2008
I've uploaded 11.00.35 to the web and ftp sites.

Build 35:

TCMD - updated the framework library to fix some obscure Windows 7 display problems.

TCMD - fixed a display problem when selecting Refresh with the Folders view set to AutoHide.

TCMD - fixed a (sporadic) problem when selecting the "Configure TCC" menu entry when the TCMD.INI file has errors.

TCMD - fixed a problem when renaming a toolbar tab (it would lose its buttons until you saved & reloaded it).

TCC - will now set the output color at startup. (Note that this will not
change the default background color for the entire window, just for the
text being written.)

TCC - fixed a (very old) problem with doing a ">clip:" to empty the clipboard pseudo-device and then trying to append ("dir >> clip:).

FFIND - added the /H option to not search binary files.

LIST - will now automatically resize itself when you change the TCC or
TCMD window size.

LIST - disabled the /C option when running in a TCMD tab window.

TASKLIST /L - fixed a Windows bug in x64.

%_PPID - fixed a Windows bug in x64.

Minor help file updates.

Build 34:

Fixed a problem with running encrypted batch files.

TCMD - fixed a minor problem with defining and then deleting startup

IFTP - fixed a problem with subsequent IFTPs setting the current directory
and filename from the previous IFTP.

Build 33:

TCMD - fixed a problem with Refresh redrawing the Folders view even
when the Folders and List View are disabled.

Fixed a problem with small popup history windows sometimes displaying
a blank line at the end.

Fixed a problem with the history matching occasionally hanging for a
few seconds when no (more) matches are found.

LIST - fixed a problem with /U occasionally overwriting a character or
two on the next line.

OPTION - fixed a problem when writing FirewallType and/or FirewallPort.