Take Command / TCMD/LE / TCC/LE 11.0 build 48 uploaded


Staff member
May 14, 2008
Build 48:
TCC - if a keystroke plugin returns 0 during history / filename completion, the keystroke will be ignored.

Added support for TCMD.INI lines up to 4095 characters (up from 511 previously).

TCC - added support in variable expansion parser for the ghastly CMD.EXE delayed expansion !abc:xxx=zzz! syntax when "xxx" or "zzz" contains whitespace or non-alphanumeric characters. (Not documented, and not recommended!)
It's been true for quite some time, but I haven't posted it yet. When installing TCCLE, the screen that has the question about installing icons on the Desktop and Start menu has the tab order goofed up. TCMD does not suffer from this. It's nitpicky, and it only causes a touch of annoyance each time I install TCCLE.

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