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Take Command / TCMD/LE / TCC/LE 12.11.70 Uploaded

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I've uploaded build 12.11.70 to the web and ftp sites.

Build 12.11.70
Added some fixes for Windows Installer problems with non-English installations.

IFTP - Fixed a problem with the ipworks8.dll when using active mode on MS servers.

Build 12.11.69
Added Spanish language support.

New installer version.

_EXECARRAY - is now enabled.

Fixed a problem with the =~ and !~ (regular expression) conditional expressions.

Help file updates.

Build 12.10.67
TCMD - Added Feedback menu entry to Help for TCMD, TCMD/LE, and the debugger.

Added more workarounds for additional Windows APIs that don't support very long filenames (> 260 chars).

@EVAL - added some more error-checking for (illegal) combinations of 0b and 0x.

START - added workaround for Windows API (timing) bug with /TAB.

Help file updates.

Build 12.10.66
New versions of the Ipworks dlls.

FTP - added a kludge for an Ipworks bug when logging in with an invalid name or password. (Ipworks wasn't returning the server error message.)

TCMD - added kludge for erratic XP bug with assigning window focus when creating a new window with "Tab / Run".

@EVAL - fix for RTL crash with negative binary output.

Build 12.10.65
Fixed a problem with Tcl argc / argv arguments.

Fixed a Windows API problem with \\?\... long filenames when querying the filesystem type.
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