Where did my font go?

Here are pics of the font I was using in TCMD (actually a balloon from IDE) and in the console. They're the same.
select.png 8x12.png
In the console, it's known as Raster 8x12. When Rex asked in another thread what TCMD font I used, I went to the dialog and it said Terminal Regular 9. After the next update, my TCMD (and all my old versions of TCMD too) opened with an awful looking font that it still identified as Terminal Regular 9.
So this font is now missing from all my TCMDs; it's really nowhere to be found. Rex, did you make a change? Anyone ... how can I get this font back in TCMD?
Do you by chance use Remote Desktop? I've found that when I use RDP my Terminal font changes to that awful font you mentioned. A reboot fixes it.
I do use RD, often several times a day; I have for years and it never seemed to matter. And I haven't RD'd *to* this machine in weeks. Plus, I just rebooted yesterday.
Scott, can you get the font I mentioned (just like the console's 8x12) in TCMD v16 build 34?


Scott Mintz
May 20, 2008
Solon, OH, USA
I use Unicode fonts in TCMD (DejaVu Sans Mono) and rarely use TCC standalone any more. Where I've noticed the terminal font change is in TeraTerm (a serial port app akin to Hyperterminal) or other apps that use Terminal.

That squished Terminal font is what I end up seeing. I've tried to use fonts other than Terminal because of it. I think Terminal is mapped from an OEM font and somehow the OEM font changes.

Charles Dye

Super Moderator
Staff member
May 20, 2008
Albuquerque, NM
This is weird: The default Windows association, to FONTVIEW.EXE, doesn't work correctly with these files. But if I launch FONTVIEW.EXE myself, and pass it the name of one, then it works file. Likewise I can e.g. SET .FON=FONTVIEW.EXE and that works.

Don't ask me why -- I don't understand it myself.
After another restart, it's back! The "Terminal" font in TCMD is the one it used to be, identical to ones seen in a console. I'd really like to know what happened (and probably never will). One odd thing that happened a few days ago was that something I did caused a couple of NTVDMs to start. Since they weren't doing anything visible, I killed them.