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Done Add a "Mark all threads read" button

Rex, I know that you're probably not the correct addressee, but I'd like to have a button in this forum that allows me to mark all threads as read - or even better - that automatically does so for all threads that were posted before I logged in last (not before the current session of course...). Maybe there's an option in the forum software that you just have to turn on|off.
There is a "mark all forums read" button; if threads from more than one forum show up in response to the "what's new?" button, it already asks if you want to clear only the currently viewed forum's threads, or all threads. If you make the habit of selecting "mark all forums read" just before you log out (close the browser tab or window), you will achieve what I think you wanted, or al least get very close to your goal... Of course, selecting an option to make it automatic is better - until you get into an unexpected browser shutdown before you viewed all that's of interest, which will mark them "has been read"...

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