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Add Custom Message to commands

Option to add a custom message to a command result, possibly with a delay, e.g.

del /[s566,566] zcs_*.txt /CM4=Deleted all empty zcs files

For 4 seconds that would display the custom message "Deleted all empty zcs files"

That would be separate from any message normally displayed. So in the example, anything that would display without the /CM switch would still display.

Also possibly a related option to add one or more line feeds before and/or after the custom message.

There is also the question of whether to display the custom message before or after the "regular" message. I would say to only have the custom message display after, because trying to insert it before would require substantial recoding of each command.
Another option might be a RESULT "wrapper" command:

RESULT /4="Deleted all empty zcs files" del /[s566,566] zcs_*.txt


RESULT /4="Deleted all empty zcs files" [del /[s566,566] zcs_*.txt]
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