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Done Add New INI Directive To Specify WIPE Default Pass Count

Because I have aliased my DEL command to include /W, the "forced" change to 3 WIPE passes (DOD) in TCMD V12 results in unacceptable performance when a large file is deleted. Even CCleaner gives the option to specify the default number of wipe passes (1,3,7,35). I highly doubt that a file on a 2 TB HDD that is deleted with one WIPE pass is going to be easily recovered.

Adding a switch to the /W is not a suitable alternative to specifying a default value with a INI Directive because BTMs would need changed whereas a INI Directive specifying a default value would require no BTM changes.

This 3 WIPE pass change is a show-stopper for me upgrading from V11.


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