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Unstable Everything (DLL) or TCMD in combination with everything (DLL) since v32?

It seems I have also problems with Everything (DLL) (maybe similar to the problems from Vince) ...

After update (with regular update function of TCMD) to build .21 the Everything GUI was started with elevated rights after installation. So far so good. Then - because I was logged in as restricted user - I quit the Everything GUI and started a new GUI with "everything /e" to have a restricted GUI. After a while the GUI tray icon was away and I had to restart the GUI with same command again. I assume the GUI was just crashed. I have absolutely no idea why!

I think that was the 2nd "identically" crash with the Everything GUI here.

I had never noticed something similar before TCMD v32 - BUT: before I installed normally just with downloaded .EXE and not with integrated update function of TCMD ...

I assume that's a very difficult report from me ... with not many useful infos about. However: I thought I report this anyway - MAYBE there is really something wrong with Everything (DLL) in combination with TCMD since v32 and I am not sure if that is a problem with the Everything DLL and/or the TCMD v32 ...
Does Everything start automatically at login (the service and the client)? If so, maybe a logoff/logon will help. If not, the proper way to start the client is (unelevated) [path]\everything.exe /startup ... EVERYTHING /E will also start it if necessary, but do that unelevated. TaskMgr should show two Everything processes, one owned by SYSTEM, one owned by you. There should be no problem with the Everything service; the installer sets it to auto start and starts it. The installer shouldn't start the client (the one that shows in the tray) elevated; it's pretty useless running elevated. Is it possible the tray icon was just hidden (the tray shows up-arrow to see the hidden things)? Maybe the tray forgets that you want it shown when it's uninstalled/reinstalled.

Yes, it starts automatically at login (service and client). Logoff/logon would help, yes. Thanks for the startup hint - however: if I open an elevated tcc console and start with "/E" the client is then elevated.

Yes, the installer should not start the client elevated - that would be really an improvement but I don't know if this is would easy to change because the installer itself installs updates elevated (of course).

There seems no problem with the service - it's with the client only.

No, it was not hidden - I configured the tray to display always all there. Also the tray displayed it after update for the elevated Everything client and also for the restriced client after quit/restart with "/E" in restricted tcc console.

HOWEVER: Will try to use your hint next time - maybe with that it runs better!

Thank you!

PS: What if the client would be open and the "crash" would happen ... could this be then problematic as in your described case (nothing found). So the GUI would stay open but no more "functional" (even with the running service)?
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If Everything is running as it should, service plus unelevated client, then EVERYTHING /E only starts a new (possibly elevated) instance of Everything.exe long enough for it to communicate with the already-running one. There should be no problem with that.

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