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Another HISTORY dialog issue

TCC 10,00,57 Windows XP [Version 5,1,2600]

Currently (if you first remove all Popup* entries from TCMD.INI) you can only increase the size of the history dialog using the mouse to resize. At least only size increases will be remembered the next time it is opened.

I just noticed an inadvertent way to decrease its size.

If you filter the number of entries before opening the dialog (by e.g. typing "dir c:\" and the pressing PageUp) the dialog size will be limited heightwise so that only the filtered history entries fits (assuming this is less than the previous, default size). This is ok, but if you then close the dialog and reopens it without filter (PageUp with empty command input line) the size will still be limited to the previous filtered size. Not so good if a filter includes only a few items as an unfiltered dialog also includes scroll bars making it impossible to see anything without first resizing it.

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