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Everything is already installed

Hello everybody.
I have a problem that won't let me install TCC.
Everything search service is already installed on my machine, so while installing TCC I choose "Do not install Everything Search".
Installation begins but it stops saying something like "Everything service could not be eliminated. You don't have privileges to uninstall system services" (I'm translating from italian).
I can only press Cancel.
Why does TCC installer try to uninstall Everything service? Is it a bug?
I forgot to mention thet I'm trying to run TCC installer sandboxed, using Sandboxie.
The error is only raised while TCC installer is run sandboxed.
When TCC installer is run in the normal way *IT DOES UNINSTALL EVERYTHING SERVICE*.
Why does this happen???
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No way, man!
Reason 1: I'm not sure that TCC is installing the latest release of Everything Search
Reason 2: I don't want Everything STANDARD VERSION because I'm using EVERYTHING LITE
Once more, please instruct TCC installer not to uninstall everything service if it is already installed!

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