Any chance for quick help with all command-options?

In an earlier thread rconn (Rex) said: "the quick help (/?) only includes commonly used options. The full help (F1) contains all the options for all commands."

Is there any chance to have all command-options in the quick help too - not with very detailled description and examples as in the full help of course?

That would be exaggerated, too much effort respectively. not desirable? Or in other words: what would speak against?

Thank you for answers about this in advance!

I could be wrong, but... isn't all the quick help text stored in the language .DLL? And isn't the .DLL loaded into memory? Significantly increasing its size might not necessarily be a good thing.
Here, TCC loads ~63MB of DLLs. I doubt a few more bytes wouldn't matter much. But I'm confident that adding all the options to the quick help would be quite a bit of work (for not a heck of a lot of gain).