Done better redirection help

Add a concise example like this in help for redirection and put redirection, sysout, stdout, stderr and syserr indexes in help

rem redirect just stdout to prog.log
javac.exe *.java >prog.log

rem redirect both stdout and stderr to err.log
javac.exe *.java >& err.log

rem redirect stdout to prog.log
javac.exe *.java 1> prog.log

rem redirect stderr to err.log
javac.exe *.java 2> err.log

rem redirect stdout to prog.log and stderr to err.log
javac.exe *.java 1> prog.log 2> err.log
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Nov 2, 2008
Is it javac's fault or tcmd's fault. Just because it comes to a console, it does not mean it comes from STDIO.
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