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Bug with TCC/LE and volumes mounted under directories

Steps to reproduce:

1. Attach an external USB hard disk to a system.
2. Create an empty folder: C:\Mount
3. Right click on "This PC", and select "Manage"
4. Select the "Disk Management" tab
5. Right click on the recently added external USB drive, and select "Change Drive Letter and Paths..."
6. Click on the "Remove" button, and confirm as needed to remove the drive letter mapping.
7. Repeat step 5.
8. Click on the "Add" button, select "Mount in the following empty NTFS folder" and enter C:\Mount. Confirm as necessary.
9. Open cmd.exe, type in "CD C:\Mount", and then type "DIR".
10. Open TCC/LE, and type in the same two commands.

Observe that cmd.exe correctly reports the free space of the external drive, while TCC/LE reports the free space of the C: drive.
What letter in the word "unsupported" was unfamiliar to you?
Use TCC-RT, if you don't plan to spend money on full version.
@Charles Dye

Thanks for stepping in. I'm well aware that TCC/LE is unsupported. However, since I only run TCC/LE I have no way of knowing if this bug also exists in TCMD and TCC/RT.

Sure, a feature request for TCC/LE is going to fall on deaf ears, as it should. But I hope you understand my reasoning that a bug report makes sense since it may wind up helping fix something in your paid products.

Keep up the great work, TCC and it's companion products are light years ahead of the competition.
I just tried this in the current version 22.00.39, under Windows 7. DIR C:\MOUNT and FREE C:\MOUNT correctly report stats for the flash drive. But in TCC/LE 14.00.9, they behave as you describe -- returning values for drive C:, not the mounted drive. So I think this issue has already been addressed in the paid product.

I don't speak for Rex. But I'm guessing that if has hasn't fixed the issue in TCC/LE by now, he probably isn't going to. Sorry.

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