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Pin TCC/LE to task bar and start menu


When I install TCC/LE under Windows Vista, I have the option to place an icon in the quick launch toolbar.

The corresponding option in Windows 7 would be to pin TCC/LE to the taskbar or Start Menu, but there is no such option.

Is there to do this automagically?

Windows 7 make this difficult for installers.

If you don't mind using a plugin:

Strange, I have no problem right-clicking on the Take Command shortcuts or executables and selecting the option to Pin to the Task Bar.
I don't have any problem doing that either.
My problem is that I have to do it every time I install a new version.
Oh yes, I have that issue too. I mentioned it to the Rex a while back and he didn't seem to think he could do anything about it; that it was just the behavior of the installer. It is a bit irritating.
I don't pin to the task bar, but I do have a shortcut pinned to the Start menu. And, it stays there even when I install an update.

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