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Starting TCC/LE Windows 10

I've got TCC/LE running fine on my Windows 11 machine.

Installing it on a Windows 10 machine, it runs, but doesn't automatically run TCCSTART.BTM on startup. (All my startup does is load my alias.lst, and append TCC/LE to the PATH).

After I start TCC/LE, I can manually run TCCSTART and then it's good. So I modified the shortcut command line to be "c:\TCCLE\tccle.exe tccstart.btm". That accomplished the task at hand. I also ran TCCHERE.BTM. But...

when I select "TCC/LE prompt here" to get to a folder in an Explorer context menu, TCC/LE loads, but without my startup routine again.

I must be missing something really elementary. Advice?
I ran into a problem booting Windows PE to a TCC shell via winpeshl.ini. The default PATHEXT defined by Windows does not include .BTM so TCSTART did not run until I renamed TCSTART.BTM to TCSTART.BAT.
No, startup files do not need to be in %PATHEXT% to run. But if you want to run .btm files as executables from CMD, you do need that, along with a registered .btm handler association.

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