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Getting started with TCC/LE

Hello All,

I just downloaded TCC/LE. It has several commands that I think I can use to help with some basic admin functions for several training laptops I maintain. I think I can probably figure out the correct syntax of the commands themselves, but it's just getting started I'm having trouble with. I've written a few very basic Windows batch files (.bat), but the language is limited. I think the TCC/LE expanded language will really help me (if I can figure it out!). I can start the TCC/LE interface window, but I'm hoping to run some TCC/LE commands from a script, similar to my Windows command batch file.

I'm sure this is super basic, but I really couldn't figure it out from the documentation. I added one basic line of code from my existing script to call up the TCC/LE window, but then that's all it does.

I added in...
"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCCLE13x64\tcc.exe".
...which properly calls the TCC/LE window.

Could I somehow call a script file written with TCC/LE commands from this command or pipe it to my TCC/LE code or something?

The TCC/LE commands are so much better than the Windows command, I might only need 1 or 2 lines of TCC/LE code to accomplish my task.

If this question is already answered in another post (or in the documentation), please feel free to just redirect me. Any help appreciated! Thanks!

You can pass a bat or btm file as an argument on the tcc command line. Or associate btm files with tcc. You could associate bat files with tcc, but is is usually better not to.
In the installation directory, there's a file called tccbatch.btm. Fire up TCC/LE, navigate to that directory and run that file. It'll ask if you want to associate .BAT, .BTM, and .CMD files with TCC/LE. Like David said above, I recommend just .BTM files. Then give your batch file the .BTM extension and you can run it in TCC/LE by double clicking it.
David / TEA-Time,

Thanks for the help and the replies! Yes, I think I'm in business now! I haven't exactly gotten my code to work yet, but clearly I am running the TCC/LE language now. I thought it must be an easy fix, I just couldn't figure it out from the documentation. I'm sure it's all in the documentation somewhere, but I found it a bit advanced for a newbie programmer. I think they could possibly use a REALLY simple 1 page "quick start" guide for TCC/LE or something.

Anyway, yes, I followed your advice and ONLY associated my .BTM files with TCC/LE.

I also followed a tip in the documentation to use something like this in my .BTM file....

if 01 == 1 echo Take Command is loaded!

That told me for sure I was running TCC/LE.

Thanks again!


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