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Bug TCC crashes when copying lots of file data

For a few years now, whenever I try to use TCC/LE to copy large video files, it crashes, with the window simply disappearing mid-copy.

Today, I saw a new variation: the same crash occurred when trying to copy 189 PNG files, totalling 783 MB. The first 6 files copied, a few seconds' pause, then the TCC window crashed. If I add the /U switch, I get another 6 files before another crash.

This never used to happen on my previous, Windows 7 system, but with Windows 10 Pro (clean install) it's been highly replicable.

What on Earth is going on? And what can I do to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Version Info:
TCC LE 14.00.9 x64 Windows 10 [Version 6.3.19045]
Sorry, but I have to ask: Can you reproduce this with the current version of Take Command?
No idea. I hate Take Command/E.

I can also no longer afford to pay for yet another full version of TCC (I've bought at least half a dozen versions over the decades).

I will try the demo version of TCE if I don't see any other ideas. :'(
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