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TCC/LE not seeing tcstart.btm in Win 11

I am using Win 11 Home on an unsupported machine. That can be done with Rufus. It is a fresh install, mainly for investigation.

I installed TCC/LE 14 and when I double-click the icon it opens to the TCC/LE command line as expected. But none of my aliases, etc., work.

I have a file setalias.btm with my aliases, and my tcstart.btm file calls that.

My tcstart.btm file starts with a command to add the TCC folder to the path but that was not happening.

Clicking on the tcc.exe link opens it and says no command C:\Program even though the path is in quotes.

"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCCLE14x64\tcc.exe" "C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCCLE14x64\tcstart.btm"

I don't know the reason, but it specifically doesn't like the space in "C:\Program Files ..."
I tried putting that in "C:\Program Files (x86)\ and that doesn't work either..

I moved the tcstart.btm program here and now the link completely works:

"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCCLE14x64\tcc.exe" "C:\ProgramData\JP Software\tcstart.btm"

Yes, "JP Software" does contain a space! The problem is specific to "C:\Program Files{anything}

So if you are running into problems that just the "tcc.exe" link doesn't add your JPSoft path, add the path to your tcstart.btm file in the shortcut and don't put the file in C:\Program Files{anything}.

It also worked at C:\Temp\tcstart.btm.
I'm not 100% sure about TCCLE, but the built-in way of locating TCSTART is to specify its location in the OPTION dialog. This causes it to be executed automatically.


Doing that makes a setting like this one in the [4NT] section of TCMD.INI.

I have a copy of TCCLE installed, separately from my TCMD install, and it has no problems. I do have it installed in


just as I have TCMD installed in C:\TCMD. The reason being that I do make changes to my various startup files, and I don't like having to deal with the write protection on "C:\Program Files". Anything where I make changes I like to install it somewhere other than "Program Files".

ON EDIT: Sometimes programs can get a little wonky when you change their install directory. For those instances, when you need to edit a configuration file or something similar under Program Files, "gsudo" is very handy. Look for it in the Windows store.

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