Copy a tree

It says

C:\>*copy /s C:\Users\CWBillow\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Bibliography D:\CriticalParts
'*copy' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Press any key to continue . . .
do you not want to see the command or the actual files being copied?
Initially, yes, I want o see it for verification. But once it is set up properly, I would want to set it up for a schedule time, say, every nite at 10pm via the task scheduler.

Especially now with Windows 10, I have had to set up things again several times, and tracking down all the "latest" pieces is a drag. If I just have them all in a backup folder, then I know just where and when they are and when put.

With the problem of running the backup in TCMD/TCC .vs. CMD - you might likst to use:

IF 01==1 echo Running in TCMD

Of course you might want to abort the batch if you are running in CMD and not in TCMD / TCC

to hide the window - you can look at the WINDOW command
Format: WINDOW [ MAX | MIN | RESTORE | HIDE | TRAY | TOPMOST | NOTOPMOST | TOP | BOTTOM | DETACH | /POS=left,top,width,height | /SIZE=rows,columns | /TRANS=n | /FLASH=type,count | "newtitle"  ]

A new title for the window
New height of window
New width of window
New position of the left border of window
New position of the top border window
New height of window


New width of window

Type of window flash

Number of times to flash the window

/FLASH /SIZE (of screen buffer)