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TCMD crash when copy

Windows 10, tcmd v25.00.12 and it happens frequently that when I copy ctrl-C text from a window the tcmd crashes and the different tcc windows open in separate windows.

This problem has happened since I purchased tcmd but I did not register it as I know how well previous complains are handled.

First, update to the current build (25.00.28) and see if that solves your issue.

Second - exactly what do you mean by "tcmd crashes" - do you get an error popup from Windows? If the crash is inside TCMD.EXE or one of its dll's (like TakeCmd.dll) you'll get an exception log (tcmd.exception.log) in "c:\programdata\jp software\take command 25". If you don't have an exception log, the crash is most likely occurring either in a Windows dll or in third-party code that's being injected into TCMD.

Are you running any keyboard enhancers / loggers / etc?
1. I have updated to 0.28
2. There are no exception logs in c:\programdata\
3. Crash - I will capture the screen next time. Basically the tcmd holder splits out all the all tcc windows are separate windows. Is that a Windows.dll issue
4. I have very little software installed on the PC - basically all M/S products, UltraEdit and BeyondCompare. That's about it
Will try and send more information next time
You could use the Windows Steps Recorder to record the events.

Just run it *before* you Ctrl-C text from a Window, and it will record everything that you do, which you can then send to JPSoft.

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