Fixed DO, OSD, and cancel batch prompt

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
When I run this BTMfile,
do forever
    echo %_do_loop
    osd /id=1 /n foo
    delay 1
    osd /c=1
and press Ctrl-C and answer "N" to the cancel batch prompt, I get an unending series of cancel batch prompts. If I keep answering "N", they keep coming. Without the DELAY the same thing happens.
v:\> cancel.btm
Cancel batch job V:\cancel.btm ? (Y/N/A) : N
Cancel batch job V:\cancel.btm ? (Y/N/A) : N
Cancel batch job V:\cancel.btm ? (Y/N/A) : N
Cancel batch job V:\cancel.btm ? (Y/N/A) : N
Cancel batch job V:\cancel.btm ? (Y/N/A) : N
Cancel batch job V:\cancel.btm ? (Y/N/A) : N
Cancel batch job V:\cancel.btm ? (Y/N/A) : N
Cancel batch job V:\cancel.btm ? (Y/N/A) : N
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
I'm not sure what you were expecting the ^C to do, but I've changed OSD in build 42 to ignore ^C's when you're running asynchronously (/n).
I was expecting Ctrl-C + N to continue the batch file (not keep giving me the cancel prompt).
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