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Kill all other instances of tcc from a btm batch file

I run 3 btm files running certain routines periodically by looping. These do certain backups, update some data files and switch on / off charger based upon the level of battery state. How can I kill all other instances of TCC from a new btm batch file that just switches on the charger through an IFTTT trigger and hibernates the laptop when the battery charge level has reached 95% ?
This works here. "2>NUL" suppresses the error message about not being able to end the current process.

taskend tcc 2>NUL
Thank you so much. I tested it and it worked.

I am using a USB connected 4 port power extension. I use it to switch external monitor, repeater modem and laptop battery charger on and off. A BTM file monitors the battery level and maintains it between 25% & 85% by periodically switching the charger on and off. When I am through for the session I run another batch file to switch the charger on forcibly and hibernate the laptop when it reaches 95% level. For this I need to kill the other instance of tcc running the btm maintaining battery level. Added this as the first command in the "hibernate" batch file. Worked like a charm.

Thanks again.

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