Help topics f_attrib and f_wattrib

May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
Sorry, I sent a first version long before completion.

- change the wording about the 2nd parameter - it is not used for "file
selection", but for "attributes of interest selection"

- change the wording "Attributes which are not set will be replaced with an
underscore" to
"Attributes which are not set will be displayed with an underscore". The
function does not replace any attributes, just reports their value.

- change the display format list from RHSADECIJNOPT to RHSADECILNOPT

- specify that L or J can be used interchangeably in parameter 2 (@wattrib

- specify that in @attrib using one or more of the extended attribute
letters ECIJLNOPT in parameter 2 are equivalent to specifying an unset

- change from
"Normally @ATTRIB will only return 1 if all of the attributes match.
However, if a final ,p is included (partial match), then @ATTRIB will return
1 if any of the attributes match."

"@ATTRIB will only return 1 if all of the attributes specified in
parameter 2 match, unless the third parameter ",p" (partial match) is
included, in which case @ATTRIB will return 1 if any of the attributes

- specify that @wattrib is simply a superset of @attrib

- in "See also" correct "Attributes Switches" to "Attribute Switches", and
add references to the ATTRIB command (f_attrib.htm only) and to the other of
the functions (@wattrib in f_attrib.htm, @attrib in f_wattrib.htm)

Finally, a question: is there ever a benefit from using @attrib instead of
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