How to? Search for %(command) in Help?


Scott Mintz
May 20, 2008
Solon, OH, USA
I cannot format a help search that looks for %(command), %((...)) or even the expression "Numeric variable expressions".

The parentheses and the percents get removed from the search. I tried both ^ and \ as escape characters but that didn't make any difference. And the radio button for any search words vs all search words didn't make any difference.

I know in a Google search, if you quote the search expression it will search for that exact combination of terms. Since the exact expression, "Numeric variable expressions" shows up in the What's New in V23 section, I expected to see it in the search results. However, it seems like it always does a search any instead of a search all.

If I didn't know what to look for, it would have been impossible to find.

TCC 28.00.9 x64 Windows 10 [Version 10.0.19042.685]
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