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WAD Help won't launch


Scott Mintz
I have just recently made the change to 64 bit Windows. However, I still have a large number of apps that are 32 bit still. One such app is the freeware hex editor XVI32.

If I launch this app from Explorer or from a command line in TCCx64 I can click Help|Contents and the help is displayed. However, if I launch it from a toolbar button in TCMDx64, the app launches just fine, but Help|Contents doesn't do anything.

I downloaded the editor (v2.52) from

And extracted the ZIP file into "C:\Program Files (x86)\XVI32"

XVI32 bug, not a TCMD bug. TCMD cannot conceivably affect a GUI app running in a separate session.

Trying it quickly, I see that XVI32 cannot find its help unless you're running in the XVI32 directory. (Same behavior at the command line; try running it from a different directory.)
I thought that setting the "Directory" entry in the tab dialog sets the start up directory. Shouldn't XVI32 be able to find its help then?
Rex, you're missing my point. I realize that XVI32 has an issue with finding its help file. There is a work-around to that as you pointed out. Start XVI32 in its own directory. I can create an Explorer shortcut and that works correctly. The "shortcut" to XVI32 in a tab button in TCMD doesn't seem to be doing the same thing. I get the same bad behavior out of XVI32 whether or not I set the Directory field in the tab button dialog.

As a workaround, I set the shortcut in the button to point to the Explorer shortcut LNK file instead of the EXE. But I'd prefer that the tab button actually started the app in the correct directory.
You're missing my point -- TCMD is setting the start directory (but in CreateProcess, not in a .lnk). If XVI32 is still unable to find its help, that's a XVI32 problem; there isn't anything TCMD can do to kick XVI32 upside the head. Ask the XVI32 developers what's going on.

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