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How to? How do I get cd to change the current directory?

When I run the debugger:

cd D:

cd D:\Projects

echo %cd%


C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD28

This is a Windows "feature" - it keeps separate working directories for every drive.

If you want to change the drive AND directory, use CDD.

Or use:
CD / CHDIR - Display or change the current directory
/DChanges the current drive as well as directory. This option is included only for compatibility with the same option available in some versions of CMD. In most cases you should use CDD, which performs the same function.
Or just type the name of the directory, with no preceding command. The CDD is implied.
@Charles Dye

Does not work here ... (maybe an option?)

EDIT: I guess it's the "Automatic Directory Changes" option ...

Yup, that does work only if "Automatic Directory Changes" option is enabled.

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