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IDE destroys Text on Ctrl-U/Ctrl-Shift-U

and does not catch the first letter , e.g.
Playsound ==> P
No matter if the file is ANSI or unicode ...
Yup, it just does crazy stuff, replacing characters with somewhat ramdom hexadecimal stuff.
In build 26, Ctrl-Shift-U changes the selected tex t to upper-case. Ctrl-U does not change the selected test to lower-case.
Yeah, but another mystery occurs with IDE command:


BDEBUGGER and all others commands works well ....
I cannot make any sense out of your images. What exactly is your issue with IDE?
I think his complaint is the variable not working. Change "ide" to "bdebugger" and it does work.
That's WAD (for many years), by user request.

Users didn't want IDE to do any expansion / redirection / quote stripping / etc. on the IDE arguments, as it is commonly used to edit non-batch files.
I don't remember ... was there a huge outcry for that behavior? I doesn't make any sense at all to me. The only expected parameters to IDE are file names. Why in the world would a user NOT want to be able to use environment variables to locate the files?

And I just discovered that if you throw in a wildcard, IDE.EXE crashes. For example "ide v:\x*vtemp.btm".
Off topic, but ...
If I hide the toolbox (via its dropdown Floating/Dockable/AutoHide/Hide menu) how do I get it back again?
how do I get it back again?
Requires a registry edit while the IDE is not running.

Change HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JP Software\IDE 21\Settings\NormalLayout\DockingPane\Pane-11\Panes from 0 to 1.

Or from within TCC21...
if %@regset["HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JP Software\IDE 21\Settings\NormalLayout\DockingPane\Pane-11\Panes",REG_DWORD,1] == 0 echo IDE Toolbox pane reset

Edit: The standard "don't mess with your registry unless you know what you're doing" warning applies here.
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Requires a registry edit.

Change HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JP Software\IDE 21\Settings\NormalLayout\DockingPane\Pane-11\Panes from 0 to 1.
Thanks. Geez! I should have known. :-) Perhaps there could be a more user-friendly way (ditto for the Watch (et al.) container)..

So now I can ask (still off-topic) ... of what value is the combo-box at the top of the Toolbox?
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