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IDE: RTL with non-English resources-problem is back in Build 28

and also in IDE the F3/Shift-F3 and Ctrl-F3 doesn't work.
Well, as I wrote it in
v24 IDE/BDEBUGGER won't start
I cannot open any file in the IDE ....
The F3-Key in the IDE should select the next finding, but it will only move the caret right, Shift-F3 do nothing, Ctrl-F3 mark the next word.

By the way: The manual said, Ctrl-F9 for toggle a breakpoint, it should be F9.
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Try build 29 (already uploaded) and let me know if it solves your IDE file open issue.

I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do with the xxx-F3 keys. A Ctrl-F3 should search for the next occurrence of the word at the current cursor. An F3 would then look for the following occurrence(s), and a Shift-F3 will look for the previous ones. That works here; if it's not working for you then please let me know the exact sequence of keys you're using. (Note that the xx-F3 key sequences have nothing to do with the Edit / Find function.)
Yes, the IDE file open issue is solved.
the xx-F3 key sequences have nothing to do with the Edit / Find function
is completely new for me :oops:
All other editors that I'm used 'til today doing it in the manner, that they remenber, what I'm put in after pressing Ctrl-F and repeat it after F3/Shift-F3 !
Thanks for this clarification.

PS: But I'm very shure, the Ctrl-F9 in the Help is still wrong referenced :cool:

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