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junction copy/move handling

When using copy or move on a directory tree containing ntfs directory junctions, these are "de-juntionized" and either empty dirs are created (move) or containing files are duplicated (copy).

Either I'm missing something here, or there's room for improvement: At least output an error message, or (proper behavior) re-create the junction where the directory tree is copied/moved to.

touch /cs source\test\test.txt
junction source\bug source\test
copy /sy /md source\* copied
move /sy /md source\* moved
Sorry, Rex and juppycmd, for the "side-question" ...

Exactly for such things, it would be so great to have the COMPLETE help also in command line. I had wrote a feature request "long time ago".

Is this really not possible - and if not, why?

Kind regards!
Why would that be of any benefit?

The so-called "quick help" is:

1) a lot more keystrokes than F1;
2) will scroll off the current console page for many commands (including COPY and MOVE);
3) in order to be comprehensive & comprehensible has to be expanded probably at least 5x from the current text;
4) has to be translated into multiple languages, and reformatted manually (in all languages) whenever an option is added.
5) 3 + 4 together would be several months of work -- would you rather have a new version with 200+ new features, or a new version with only new quick help that wasn't usable anyway because of 1 + 2?
Okay, Rex, I see the point(s) NOW.

I have actually change my habit. I come originally from text-oriented Operating Systems such as NCR ITX or Unix System V in console mode. Somehow I have this behavior never changed ... even for the real TC help, I typed always "help command" ...

Indeed, F1 is much smarter!

I also understand the other arguments and have to agree.

Thanks for your posting!
You're missing something -- see the /L and /LD options for COPY (and /LD for MOVE).

Thanks, the reason for me not seeing this is that these options are only in the .chm help file, and not in the copy /? or move /? quick help (yet) ... so it'd be nice to have them amended in case other people rely on the /? list to be complete.
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