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"List" decoding problem And TCMD crash.

Sorry, my English is very very poor.

I purchased and upgrade from 4NT v6 to TCMD V11 last two days.

OS: Windows 7 x64 Trad Chinese.

4NT v6 work on it very well.

Now I got two problems:
1.Both 32/64-bit TCMD.exe can not be use - everytime I run it, it just show "conhost.exe crash", and close itself.
By the way, this is not really important.

2.The LIST command from TCC can not decoding Chinese word correctly. This is very big trouble.
It can normally decoding ENGLISH from ISO-8859-1 and UTF-16.
It can normally decoding Chinese from UTF-16.
It cannot decoding Chinese Big5 from BIG-5. Only English show on screen.

Althrough the LIST commnd from 4NT v6 never show UTF-16 correct, it does show Chinese Big5 very well.

So, may JPSoftware fix the problem? or just enhance LIST command to show all other encodings available in Windows?

Thanks very much.

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