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Portable Take Command installation for VDI environment

I.e., an environment that has neither a common host nor any easy way to tie an installation to a particular disk/volume. There is personalization that follows me around that does include files and registry settings, but from what I understand of TC licensing there is no common host (any particular login could go to any available host VM), and the personalization that does follow around does not have a distinguishable disk/volume that a licensing mechanism can distinguish. It's going to be a pain in the rear when every few days I get a different host VM and have to ask support to drop the previous activation and then re-activate on the new, unfortunately temporary, host. Or worse stop using TC. Given that i have to work in this environment (I'm one of the developers, eating our own dogfood), not having TC available after all these years is also going to be a pain in the rear. At some point USB pass-through may be possible and I could use a USB-stick install, but the environment is designed to let users install their own personal software if they wish so I'd rather do that. And yes, I can use free tccle, that's what I'm doing right now - but I'd still rather use TC.
Thanks, Rex, I figured that was the answer re a portable license. I'll deal with the un-/re-register problem, hopefully programmatically :)

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