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How to? Portable TCMD display problem

I have been attempting to run TCMD V16 from a USB memory stick. It does run but as the attached screen shot shows, several vital parts of the TCMD frame work are not being displayed properly (No text visible).

There are three (3) TCC tabs, which should be at the top. The menu bar, tabbed tool bar buttons, TCC windows tabs and the status bar are not being displayed properly. The various items for each can be selected but basically all the text is invisible as the screen shot shows.

When TCMD is executed from the Hard Drive installation (Windows 7) the display is as expected.

Stand alone TCC seems to run normally from the stick, just not TCMD. I have tried this on a computer (Windows VISTA) that does not have a hard drive TCMD/TCC installation with identical results.

I have uploaded a screen shot of the portable display as well as the tcmd.ini file.

The current "shells" toolbar tab and its' buttons would be useless on any computer other than the one with the HD installs. Just need to find out how to actually display it from the portable install before modifying it for use with other computers.

Any suggestions?

TCC 16.00.38 x64 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]


  • tcmd.ini
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  • upload_2014-1-28_21-26-30.png
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Thanks, that was easily remedied.

Didn't noticed the "Styles" subdirectory.

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