Problem with calls in TCC batch file

Oct 29, 2008
Hi All

I've encountred a problem running jruby on my WinXP computer when attempting to start jruby in the TCC/Lite shell. I am using TCC LE 9.02.152.

I have created a test batch file which I run in TCC and in CMD shells.




TEST_CP=start;:setcp C:\Test\somefile1.jar;:setcp C:\Test\somefile2.jar

Notice the ":setcp" text

Here are the two batch files that are used to generate the above results. There are also two files named somefile1.jar and somefile2.jar in the test directory.

@echo off
rem test_class_path.bat
rem Run this batch file to see how TCC processes add data to environment var
@call "_make_class_path.bat"

@echo off
rem _make_class_path.bat
rem Test batch file to demo problem with batch file differences in TCC vs standard CMD.exe
rem ----- Set Up The Test Classpath ----------------------------------------
for %%i in ("C:\Test\*.jar") do @call :setcp %%i
goto :EOF

rem setcp subroutine
if not "%TEST_CP%" == "" goto add
set TEST_CP=%*
goto :EOF

set TEST_CP=%TEST_CP%;%*
goto :EOF

Is this a bug in TCC?


Charles Dye

Super Moderator
Staff member
May 20, 2008
Albuquerque, NM
Quite possibly. It looks like the name of the subroutine is getting into %*, which doesn't seem correct to me.

As a workaround, I think you can do the same thing more simply via something like:

set test_cp=
for %f in ( c:\test\*.jar ) set test_cp=%test_cp;%f
set test_cp=%@right[-1,%test_cp]

(Suggestion to Rex for future versions: an option to @EXPAND for user-specified separator characters?)
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