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Problem navigating forums


I go to https://jpsoft.com/forums/login, enter my information, then click Log In. I am then presented with the same web address but told

"Oops! We ran into some problems.

You are already logged in. Please click here to return to the forum list."

Souldn't it just go to the main forums page? Be less keystrokes / mouse clicks for the user.
Well maybe I can ask on their forums.... Just not sure if I know the version used on the forums here...
I'd just like to add that Xenforo's own login page does go to the forum list without incident as expected.
I get the same "Oops!" message at XenForo. If I then go to the forums and log out ... then log in again, unchecking "Stay logged in", I don't get the message. The next time I try, "Stay logged in" is checked. It seems to be very hard to get rid of that setting.

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