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Setting colors

I've got the colors set just right, but I cannot seem to find the "Apply" button for them to take effect.

Charles, I'm not sure what to tell you. I set the colors in Take Command, and they worked out great. The background color in TCC however, is like a highlighted blue, bright. I see where to make changes to the colors, but I do not see any "apply" button or way to keep them changed, so they do not.
Where are you making changes to TCC's colors? There is an "Apply" button in the Options dialog's Windows tab.

Yes, in the Options access through TCMD as applied to TCC there is. But it is not affecting TCC. Still getting bright blue background. And there is no such button that I see going directly through TCC's options. And the background, when set and then using the Apply available through TCMD does not change the TCC background that I can see.
To be clear: The TCC tab in TCMD is fine. It is when one executes TCC alone (tcc.exe) that the background is impacted.
I too am referring to stand-alone TCC (that is, in a console). The picture I posted is of the TCC (not TCMD) options dialog. Get there with the OPTION command. TCC in a console can only use the 16-color palette that Windows gives it. In a TCC console, press Alt-Space to get the system menu. "Defaults" (Colors) will show what console apps get if you haven't made customizations. "Properties" (Colors) will show what the current console is using, and allow changes which are remembered and specific to TCC.
OK Vince, apologies...but I still don't see a "Apply" button. It would cure my issue ( or at last THIS one guys) if I could apply the change I make.

I got the "Set as default", but that still isn't curing the screen colors for (my) TCC,
I had forgotten to also add further clarify. Within TCMD, all or any tabs I open follow the proper color scheme -- except for TCC. And TCC as a standalone has the same issue. It appears that it is a Bold blue on the background instead of "plain" blue.
I can't help with TCMD. Where are you going where there's no "Apply" button? What version of Windows and TCC are you using?

To figure out what's goung on, use Regedit to look in here, at the ColorTableNN entries. These are the defaults for console apps.


Does HKCU\Console have a subkey corresponding to your TCC? That's where customizations would be remembered. If you have such a subkey, are there any color values in it?
Vince, this is beyond me by quite a bit, and I've taken more than enough of your time. All I know is that I cannot get the color scheme in TCC (standalone) to match that of TCMD. In theory that shouldn't matter. But I was trying to get a blue background, and in TCMD it is exactly what I was looking to get. In TCC however, it is as if it is set to BOLD and thereby bright. I just couldn't seem to replicate the colors in TCC.

Oh well, thanks though.
Just for the sake of thoroughness, I even tried entering numerics for the background color in TCC -- 7,54,92. And even THAT doesn't give me the same color in TCC as it does in TCMD, or Powershell for that matter.
You're looking at the Console Properties dialog, right? Yeah, there is no Apply button. I don't think there ever was. The OK button saves changes and closes the dialog, all in one swell foop.
@CWBillow, can you show us the output of these two commands?

regdir /d /v /s0 /x hkcu\console | findstr ColorTable

regdir /s1 hkcu\console
That appears to be TCC.EXE running in WindowsTerminal (and not a console at all, a Windows 11 option I believe). Is that where you want to change colors? If so, open the drop-down menu


Then choose "Settings" and in the list of Profiles (on the left), choose the one that runs TCC (my profiles have names given by me). Below, TCC31 (my name) is selected.


And on the right choose "Appearance", then "Color scheme". Terminal gives you the choice of 8 schemes (custom ones are also possible).


I've attached WTSCHEME.BTM, not perfect but it should let you experiment with the terminal's built-in schemes.
v:\> wtscheme.btm
Usage: WTSCHEME.BTM /L(ist) | index (index = 0, 1, ... 8)

v:\> wtscheme.btm /L
0 - Campbell
1 - Campbell Powershell
2 - One Half Dark
3 - One Half Light
4 - Solarized Dark
5 - Solarized Light
6 - Tango Dark
7 - Tango Light
8 - Vintage


  • wtscheme.btm
    3.6 KB · Views: 6
Thanks Vince. So now I have to ask, what's the difference whether TCC runs in Windows Terminal as opposed to a console, and how / where / when is that determination made? I've just always run it from a TCC.exe shortcut.
A console is what DOS/Windows command interpreters and other text-based apps have run in since the days of COMMAND.COM. A console looks like this; you've probably seen one a few times. If you want to see one, issue the command CONHOST in TCC; you should get CMD.EXE running in a console.


Windows Terminal is a newer (???) technology. I say ??? because much of Windows Terminal emulates real terminals ... hardware devices with a cathode ray tube and a keyboard made specifically for interfacing with the computers of prehistoric times. And much in WindowsTerminal comes from the many terminal emulators (software terminals) in UNIX. Below, a DEC (Digital Equipment Corp.) VT 100 terminal.

Vince, I'm going to have to deal with this later. There's been enough time (yours and mine both) that doesn't seem to b getting me closer. All I wanted I to have TCC look like TCMD, but that seems to be not in today's cards. Up through Windows 10 it was simple. Now though... Oh well. Certainly thanks, though.


  • TCMD-TCC-Compare.png
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I have never seen that color scheme in Windows Terminal (and I don't like it either). What is its name?
Is the bottom one home-made? If so, you're not far from your goal of matching the top one.

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