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TCMD Tabs priority option setting

TCC 24.00.20 x64 Windows 10 [Version 10.0.17134.407]

In the TCMD options dialog, the TAB section. Changing a tabs priority setting changes the value in tcmd.ini, but does not display that priority when TCMD is restarted and the options dialog is brought up.

Example: Set Tab1 priority to "above normal", In tcmd.ini [Tab1] priority=32768, start TCMD->Options->TCMD->TABS->TAB1->select Priority "Above Normal".
Then Exit and restart TCMD with new Tab1 priority setting. Open Options->TCMD->TABS->TAB1 shows "Normal Priority" is selected. This does not change the value in tcmd.ini

Secondarily; When I start 3 tabs during a new TCMD session, the "Above normal" tab (Tab1) finishes 2nd. This is per my log file. Interesting, I would have thought the high priority would finish 1st. It's no big deal, just curious.
According to the log Tab1 (Above normal) starts last and finishes 2nd. :wacky:
All these tabs are using the same TCMD.ini & TCSTART.btm. :confused:

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