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TCMD Colors

I have always kept the TCMD.ini file to retain color and other settings. Tonight though, when I installed TCMD v27.01.23, the colors are off.

TCMD has a bright blue background instead of dark blue or even black. TCC is the same. When I go into TCMD, and go to Options / Take Command / Tabs, the backgrounds are all set to dark blue -- and I even tried black -- what shows is Bright Blue.

What can I do to fix this? This never has happened before, and it is only now happening with TCMD / TCC.

Chuck Billow
This question has been here for a while. I hope the lack of any response isn't a signal that there is no solution.
I doubt this has anything to do with TCC or Take Command (assuming that you're looking at the right TCMD.INI).

The likely cause is your Windows console palette has changed. TCC only knows 16 colors (unless you're using ANSI), so it sets the attribute to "1" for dark blue. But it's up to Windows to display the color, and that's based on your palette. If the palette says "1" is a bright blue, that's what you get. (Windows 10 has been altering the console colors on an ongoing basis, trying to get a more pleasing combination.)

Open a TCC console window, right click on the icon in the upper left corner, and look at your "Colors" tab.
Look at the difference. And that's after going back to a version of the TCMD.ini file that was working.


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OK, same issue, new question.

I ran an uninstaller and removed TCMD, rebooted, and reinstalled.

Then, if I open a TCC window, it has the "wrong" colors. If I then click the icon in the upper left and choose either default or properties, I see the right colors for selection (above graphic), and then those colors apply to that window.

So if I do that every time I can correct TCC every time. I don't even have THAT choice for TCMD.

And that of course still begs the same question, why is this happening to start with?

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