SMPP question

I would like to use the SMPP command to send text messages to my Koodo cellular phone.

I have been able to send messages to my Koodo cellular phone by doing;

sendmail /v Subject @file.txt
but I would like to learn how to use SMPP to do this also.

I understand that I need to know the SMS Server Name. Google was not my friend, and a call to Koodo Mobile support resulted in silence, or "I don't understand" as an answer. I could also not find this info at the Koodo Mobile web site.

The User Name for the SMS Server, I am guessing, will be my cell number.

No idea what the Password for the SMS Server would be.

Any examples or info would be appreciated.

Thanks from Joe.


Staff member
May 14, 2008

> The User Name for the SMS Server, I am guessing, will be my cell
> number.
> No idea what the Password for the SMS Server would be.
> Any examples or info would be appreciated.

SMPP messaging requires you to provide a server name, user name, and
password. The only way to get this is from a SMPP server host, which
requires you to either subscribe to an existing SMPP service or host your
own server. (There are some open source SMPP servers you could use.)

Rex Conn
JP Software
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