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Take Command Version 13.02.35 Uploaded

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I've uploaded Take Command 13.02.35 to the web and ftp sites.

Build 13.02.35
The batch debugger and command input editors have been upgraded from Scintilla 2.12 to 3.02. Performance is improved and several minor bugs have been fixed.

When using the (clumsy) CMD %~... variable syntax, TCC will not attempt to validate the filename if it is already fully qualified. (For compatibility with CMD when passing invalid drives and/or paths.)

BDEBUGGER - Added the Ctrl-F3, F3, and Shift-F3 keys (find next / find prev). (They were in the help but had never been implemented.)

DELAY - added workaround for an erratic Windows bug with DELAY UNTIL ...

DIR - Fixed a potential problem with /S and pathnames > 260 characters.

HELP - fixed a problem with web help with capitalized command / variable / function names.

The web help has been built with a new version of the help compiler, which should fix some miscellaneous minor issues.

Added the Feedback tab to the web help pages.

Build 13.01.34
Fixed a (longstanding but erratic) bug when doing tab completion on a short name with a leading \. (TCC only, not TCC/LE).

Build 13.01.33
Internal changes to work around a couple of problems with very long filenames (> 260 characters), with a Windows API bug and when the user doesn't specify a leading "\\?\".

Help file updates.

Build 13.01.32
There is a new version of the framework for Take Command and the IDE.

There is a new TCMD.INI directive (which goes in the [4NT] section):
CMDBatchDelimiters=YES|no - if set to "no", TCC will not treat an = as a batch argument delimiter. (Note: this will break CMD compatibility!). This is only for users with (very) old 4NT scripts; it is strongly discouraged for new installations.

MKLINK - Fixed an erratic return value (not always 0 for success).

MKLINK - Fixed an occasional crash when using /X with one argument.

UNTAR - Fixed a problem with the /D (recreate directory) option in the command dialog.

UNZIP - Fixed a problem with the /D (recreate directory) option in the command dialog.
Help file updates.

Build 13.01.31
Fixed a problem accessing @BALLOC.

Help file updates.

Build 13.01.30
Fixed a problem when querying the web help about variable functions.

@PING - Fixed a problem with the timeout parameter.

Build 13.01.29
Take Command/LE has been discontinued. Everyone with a Take Command/LE 13.0 license will receive a free update to the full Take Command version.

The search algorithm for the popup windows has changed slightly. TCC will append a * to the search string unless the last character of the string is a wildcard (?, *, or ]), or if the search string is a regular expression (the first two characters of the string are ::).

WebHelp=yes|NO - New TCMD.INI directive (set in the Take Command and the TCC configuration dialogs). If set, Take Command and TCC will use the web help at Take Command / TCC Help v. 13.01 instead of the local help. The web help has some additional features, including the ability to add comments to help topics.

MKLINK - The /X option no longer requires two arguments.

The help file (tcmd.chm) has some new display options.

Help file updates.

Build 13.0.28
VIEW (and V Toolbar VIEW) - Fixed a problem with the /S: (search) command line option not highlighting the text.

Help file updates.

Build 13.0.27
TCMD - Fixed a problem with not stripping the leading Unicode BOM when loading a file to the Command Input window.

TAR - Fixed a problem with multiple files and /G.

Help file updates.

Build 13.0.26
VIEW - Fixed a problem with multiple filenames.
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