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How to? How to remove the record of the old version of the Take Command?

Looking through the programs list in the Windows Control Panel I see 2 records of Take Command:
Take Command old version record not removed.err_rep.screenshot.gif

while only Take Command v is in fact installed on the system. How to accurately remove the version's 26 records, remained by the Take Command upgrade, from the Windows registry? I had never installed 2 versions of the Take command on my computer, this is by some antique error in the Take Command's installers, they sometimes do not remove the old version information when upgrading.

I work under the Windows 10 Professional 64 bits, version 21H1, build 19043.1237 .
I haven't done this and I make no guarantees.

You could verify that this key deals with TakeCommand v26 and delete it.

  (SZ) Comments
    *This installer database contains the logic and data required to install Take Command 26.
  (SZ) InstallSource
    *C:\Users\vefatica\AppData\Roaming\JP Software\Take Command 26\install\8CDAA1C\
  (SZ) DisplayName
    *Take Command 26
Have you tried simply uninstalling v26? Often, if it can't find the uninstaller, appwiz.cpl will offer to remove the invalid entry.
Have you tried simply uninstalling v26? Often, if it can't find the uninstaller, appwiz.cpl will offer to remove the invalid entry.
I had tried to "uninstall" the older version in such situation several years ago. This had yielded to inoperability of the Windows Installer. I cannot remember the messages, but most of the programs could not be installed/updated after this until the full reinstallation of the Windows.
vefatica, yes, this helped. But a question remains: why had this not be maid by your TC version upgrade procedure?

When upgrading a version I must to uninstall the old and then install the new version. If I try to install a new version over the old, no warning is generated, but the old version's entry is sometimes not removed from the Control Panel's Installed programs list. Can you please add some check-up into the install program to verify that the new version does not overwrite the old, and to warn the user?
Perhaps, it makes sense to make that the installation program would warn about this possible undesirable effect when it is asked to setup the new version in the folder in which there is the old one, with the opportunities for the user: to delete preliminarily the old version, to continue the installation "above" or to select the new folder for the new version? In the latter case the installation program would copy the tc & tcc customization files, tcstart.bat, tcexit.bat, tc.ini, etc., into this new folder?
That's not the way the Windows Installer (Microsoft's app, not mine) works -- a new major version (& new GUID) can't invoke a random older uninstaller. The installers & uninstallers are tied to a single version/GUID.

The installer won't try to put a new major version in the same installation directory as an older version unless you manually change the installation directory in the installer dialog. In that case, the installer assumes that the user knows what they're doing and doesn't try to override their selection.

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