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New Problem with later Windows 10

I use only TCC which I generally start from an icon on the desktop. I have observed a new problem with the last few versions of Win10 that I have installed. I am on the Fast Ring of the Windows Insider program and on the last couple of versions of Win10 (currently 18945), the first time I start TCC from the icon the screen comes up as a dud i.e. there is the normal heading and then nothing---there is no disk called out. In the Task Bar it has a funny thing rather than the usual "Admin: TCC". You can't do anything on that instantiation except kill it. This is not a major problem, but it is annoying. In 4start.cmd I have prompt "`%@lower[%_disk]`:$g" so normally I would get a prompt like "c:>", but no joy.
No, I am using 4start.cmd, a carryover from long ago. I have, hopefully, attached a copy below.


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HELP!!! It is still doing it!!! I must discard the first instantiation of TCC after a reboot. This is REALLY annoying! My current version of Windows 10 is Version 10.0.18956.1000. HELP!!!
O.K. It goes as follows: I use only TCC and i call it from a desktop icon. It is set to Run as Administrator. When I reboot Windows, I call TCC and the first instantiation has no prompt - just a blank screen after the header. Oh, my prompt is set to C:. If I kill that instantiation of TCC, from then on it works fine with additional instantiations of TCC. I generally have four TCC instantiations at all times. This is not game-changing, but it is EXTREMELY annoying.

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